22 May 2013

Madeleine - Week 47

Madeleine continues to progress a little each day and week. I can't believe she'll be 11 months next Monday!

She's doing more cruising rather than always relying on crawling, and she has a remarkable amount of speed going up stairs. She's still hesitant going down the one stair into our family room, so we haven't encouraged her to try going down the big stairs.  

Madeleine has been signing pretty well the last couple of weeks. Vocally, when we repeat a word to her, she is often imitating the intonation with her response. Yesterday, I would swear that she repeated "dog," but we're having a bit of debate on whether it's her first word. Thankfully, it was caught on video, so we can replay it a million times. I'm sure she'll love that at her 21st birthday.

Madeleine is still a great eater; last night she ate a large quantity of gnocchi and bit of fresh mozzarella. 

I'm really pleased with her social development and was in motherhood heaven yesterday when I watched Madeleine and her friends chase each other through a tunnel during a play date. They were really playing with each other! 

I need to measure our tall girl because several of her pants are suddenly too short. Perhaps growing pains (and never ending teething) could be to blame for much (much, much, much) interruption in the sleep department. Unfortunately, Madeleine still doesn't have any pearly whites poking through. 

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