06 May 2013

Paint Chip Color Book

When I saw this color book, I had one of those "duh" moments. You know the type: the moment when you ask yourself why you didn't think of an idea that is so obvious. I knew that I just had to whip up one for Miss M. Although I'm currently working on a more complicated color book for her, I'm hoping this one will be a hit when I pull it out during some upcoming travel. 

This is really a very cheap, simple project. I picked up some paint chips at a big box store; although I felt some guilt, I shouldn't have because they have collected more than enough of my money over the years. After figuring out how I wanted to arrange the colors, I cut rectangles of clear Contact paper just larger than the chips. Then, I made sandwiches (Contact paper, paint chip, paint chip, Contact paper), smoothed out the Contact paper and sealed the edges with a fingernail, trimmed the edges of the Contact paper, and punched a hole in the corner with one of my favorite tools. The whole thing is held together with a double knotted piece of spare ribbon. This took less than an hour and was done while a certain little lady played at my feet. 

I opted to leave out neutrals like brown, black, white, and grey because I like that these colors form a sort of circular rainbow. Because of that effect, I went with a single ribbon in the corner rather than a traditional book layout. 

What have you made out of paint chips recently?

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