29 May 2013

Madeleine - Week 48

What a difference a week makes! Madeleine is showing some definite attitude and opinion in this last week, including launching food off of her tray at meal times. She has been chatting up a storm, including lots of "dog" and variations on "daddy." I'm pretty sure she thinks my name is "no."

Here's a glimpse into this morning:
   Me: Whose banana am I picking up off the floor?
   Madeleine: Daddy!

Despite Madeleine's new toddler tendencies, things are looking a bit brighter as last night we had our first uninterrupted night of sleep in more than two months. (Knock on wood!)

This week's photo features Madeleine's first official pair of shoes. We decided that it was time to protect her feet so that she can practice cruising (and eventually walking) when we're out and about. Doesn't she look grown up in them?!

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