19 June 2013

Madeleine - Week 51

I'm not sad that it's the penultimate weekly photo, but I am starting to get a bit weepy about my baby turning one and transitioning out of more and more baby tendencies. How is it even possible? Then again, hasn't she always been part of our family? I digress.

Someone once told me that it takes 13 times to make something a habit. Apparently the number for me is higher than 51 because I nearly forgot today's photo between breakfast, playing, working from home, an excruciatingly difficult circuit training class, working from home, and making the first pie of the season. As a result of my forgetfulness, this week's photo is pajama themed. Even just before bed, our girl is still rolling, crawling, and climbing everywhere. Oh yeah, and moments after this photo was taken, she used her TWO teeth to bite me during a feeding. Ouch.

1 comment:

Janie said...

Two teeth. Yep, she is growing but what a great year. Love that smile.