07 June 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Display Frame

This is the first installment in a series of Friday posts where I show you some of my Pinterest-inspired projects.  It's not in any way sponsored or endorsed by Pinterest. Instead, I hope this will inspire fellow Pinners to not pin it and forget it but rather pin it and do it.

About a million years ago (or shortly after I joined Pinterest), I pinned this little beauty:

Pin. Source unknown.

I hoped to make something similar to hang pictures and/or Madeleine's future art. Long story made short, I bought a discarded frame at a local craft store, and this is the result: 

To get there, I gave the frame a decent sand, scraped the rest of the paper off the frame's back, applied two thin coats of semi-gloss white spraypaint, stapled some miscellaneous twine in place, added a hanger and corner protective thingies, and clipped on some tiny clothes pins. As you can see, it's super complicated. 

I'd say it goes pretty well with the other pieces we hung in Madeleine's play area in the den. 

What have you pinned lately?

1 comment:

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