14 June 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Modern Art

This Pinned It & Did It project is one I must have really liked because I pinned it twice. Doh!

At any rate, I liked the modern simplicity of this Pinspirational piece...and the simplicity of the project as a whole. 

Pin. Original Source.

For my project, I bought a studio quality canvas when Michaels was having a 50% off sale. Then, I gave the whole thing two thin coats of our master bedroom ceiling paint. Once it was all dry, I printed out some numbers, which just so happen to be our anniversary, and traced them on the canvas. Finally, I filled in the traced letters with two heavy coats of charcoal colored acrylic paint that I already had sitting in my craft cabinet. Ta-da! 

This was a seriously, seriously easy project to complete. It's part of a larger Pinspired project, but you'll have to come back next Friday to see the larger project. 

What's on your Pinterest "to do" list for the weekend? 

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