26 July 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Baby Swing

I'm going to give you a brief break from birthday party Pin-spired creations to show you the new addition at our house. This isn't so much my project as it was a collaboration.

Before I get ahead of myself, here's the pin that started it:

Pin. Original Source.

I made the fabric bits, all double sewed with heavy duty thread, and I ordered the hardware parts from that-online-store-that-makes-our-lives-so-much-more-convenient. For the wood pieces, I turned to Madeleine's Grandpa David, the expert woodworker. He turned out some beautiful dowel rods. George did the majority of the final assembly. Madeleine shared her joy to wrap up the project.


Ours twists a little bit, but it's still safe and sturdy for our wee girl.


Janie said...

What supreme fun!

Samantha Kanner said...


denayeb said...

Love this!! Possible BBB first birthday gift from auntie?

Carly said...

I wish I knew how to make that! Awesome!

ALKS said...

Thanks, guys!

Perhaps, Denaye. Perhaps.