02 August 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Birthday Party Details

Giant Balloon Ice Cubes

I pinned this idea a looooong time ago. Ok, maybe a year ago, but it seems like a loooong time ago.

Pin. Original Source.
Water balloons as giant ice cubes. Genius! Well, almost.

I would have done well to go to the original source and read how the use of water balloons is not recommended because they're not strong enough. Unfortunately, I didn't do that, and I did use water balloons rather than regular balloons. As a result, the balloons broke and left tiny (dangerous) pieces of balloons all over the place. I did get the desired huge ice cubes, but it wasn't easy to maneuver them around the drinks they were chilling due to the balloon pieces, temperature of the ice, and 90-degree air temperature. You'll have to ask George about how fun it was to fill the water balloons. (Hehe.)

I'm calling this one a fail...but a fail that I'm willing to try again with the right materials.

Photographs Displayed in the Shape of a Number

Raise your hand if you've seen this one? Thought so. It's pretty popular on Pinterest and super easy.

Pin. Original Source.

I decided to mount my photos on a poster board so that I could assemble it ahead of time. Before bringing out the pictures, I drew a giant 1 on the board. Using the 1 as a guide, I mounted as many adorable baby pictures of our group of kiddos as possible.

At the party, I displayed it in a window, facing outside so that the babies could get their hands all over it and not hurt the pictures. Unfortunately, that made it pretty difficult to photograph.

The poster is now displayed at Madeleine height in her room. Just yesterday (good timing, kiddo!), she noticed that it's there and started squealing at seeing all of her friends' faces staring back at her. I'm calling this one a win!

What are you pinning and doing these days?

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