26 August 2013

Summer Play Date with the Midglets

Even though we missed much of their visit, the Midgleys scheduled a play date for the day Madeleine and I returned from Ohio. 

The boys are still just small enough to share a swing. Smiles all around!

Synchronized swinging!

Photobombing! (Hi, Tom!)

Serious Will cuteness!

Serious Tom cuteness!

Serious Madeleine cuteness! 

Good sharing!

A little intervention before an eye was poked out...

And some very enthusiastic raspberry eating!

As you might be able to tell from the quantity of exclamation points in this post, we enjoyed getting to hang out with the Midglets and their parents for an afternoon. It's our turn to visit them in California, so time to book the tickets! 

Want to see the progression of these three? Check out last October and this past March

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