29 July 2014

A Mini For My Mini

Madeleine is such a little mommy. She loves taking care of her dolls, which includes giving them heaps of cuddles, reading and singing to them, putting them down to bed (laying them face down and covering them with blankets so that no body parts are showing), feeding them, changing their diapers, taking their clothes on and off (mostly off), and taking them for rides in her doll stroller.

When I saw that I had some squares left over from baby brother's quilt, I knew I had to make Madeleine (another!) quilt for her babies. This is a little one - just about 22" square - and super simple, but I hope that she is pleased with receiving a new doll quilt when her baby brother arrives.

How do you use quilting leftovers?

1 comment:

Janie said...

Like mother, like daughter......um, I made a small quilt like baby brother's too. Great mind's think alike!