03 July 2014

Baby Boy's Houndstooth Quilt

I've (finally) gotten started on some crafting for Baby Boy's nursery, and I have the first final product to show you. Just the day after mentioning to a friend that I hadn't seen any quilts that were inspiring me, I ran across this houndstooth one. It caught my eye, and I ended up making my very first quilt according to a pattern.

We're slowly making progress through the nursery to-do list, so keep an eye out for more nursery projects coming soon!


Janie said...

Awesome. You machine quilters run circles around me!!! Beautiful. Mine, for him, is turquoise, gray and white. They will be a good match!

Misha C. S. Lower said...

LOVE how this turned out. It was so fun to see some of the process of this quilt during our last few crafternoons. Such a talent!

ALKS said...

Mama, your quilts are always so beautifully and lovingly crafted. I can't wait to see it!

Misha, I can't wait to show it to you in person!