21 November 2014

Friday I'm in Love

This was both a fast and a slow week for me but, either way, it's Friday again! It's a bit of a clothing week here, and don't forget to check out what MishaKendra, and Mary Beth are loving this week, too.

ONE: Boden Rainy Day Mac

I semi-stalked someone who I saw wearing this jacket so that I'd know where to get one of my own. Although I didn't end up picking the same pattern as she had, I'm so glad that I splurged on this beauty. Not only is it cute, cute, cute, but it is fleece lined and complete with a hood. As a Pacific Northwesterner, this is an incredibly practical three-season coat! Love it? Oh, yes! (30% off right now too!)

TWO: Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan

This fall, I'm a big fan of this fleece cardigan. It's warm, comfy, nursing-friendly, and creates a put together look without any effort. Think sweatshirt on the inside, cashmere on the outside. Ok, maybe it's not that extreme, but you get the idea. I own a couple of these, and I'm considering yet another at the next markdown.

THREE: Love to Dream Swaddle Up

We had one of these for Madeleine and used it as a back-up. Mr. I-Hate-Swaddle-Blankets has slept almost every night and every nap in his "bat suit" since he came home from the hospital. We're trying to break him of the habit, but it's going to be a battle. This afternoon, he went from grumpy to grin as soon as I started zipping him into his suit. They used to be hard to acquire outside of Australia and New Zealand, so I'm happy to see that they're now available on Amazon.

And with that, I'm going to go mourn the fact that my baby is turning three months old this weekend. Have a good one!


Megan said...

I want to move to the pacific northwest so I have an excuse to buy that jacket! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love that jacket (and actually a ton of other things I found on that website). I don't think I have a true excuse to get that jacket, but it's oh so tempting. I love so many of the patterns . . .

Janie said...

I loved both the jacket and cardigan. The prints the jacket comes in are awesome. Take it from a a wear-my-print-Birkenstocks-almost-all-the-time person, PRINTS ARE FUN! The sweater looks so cozy. Hey...a great Christmas idea for the Mama! The bat suit? Tight and cozy...no wonder he likes it so much!