28 November 2014

Friday I'm in Love

We're still recovering from Thanksgiving, and I have a few things to share that I love this week. Be sure to check out what MishaKendraMary Beth, and Laura are loving this week, too. Welcome, Laura!

ONE: Lay's Chocolate Covered Chips
These are only available for a limited time and at Target (though there are some floating around Amazon, too). They're a delicious mix of salt and sweet. Yum. 

TWO: Y Peeler
My Y peeler is one of my favorite kitchen items, and I wouldn't want to peel apples or potatoes without it. (My other favorites include my non-stick pans, silicon spatulas, great cutting boards, good chef's knife, and lime squeezer.)

THREE: Name Necklace
As Christmas approaches, I recently realized that I hadn't spent my Etsy giftcard from last Christmas. I used part of it to buy myself a personalized necklace bearing the names of my little ones, and I love it. I got mine here, but lots of people sell them. 

FOUR: Threading
I had my first threading service this week, and I will never again have my eyebrows waxed. It's a method originating in India where thread (yep, like the kind I use to sew) is used to individually remove and cut hair. I never knew that my brows could look this good. At $4 per time, it's a lot cheaper, too. 

Psssst! Next week brings us December, which means another year of Pinterest Christmas. Now is a good time to get moving on your Christmas projects, and be sure to stop back next week to see what the other co-hosts and I are making. 


Janie said...

Always interesting and stuff to learn in these Friday posts. May just have to try that peeler....and then maybe a reader can share a will-not-wear-out can opener. Spent a lot on one that leaves the top smooth..a safe cut...and even it is wearing out. Love the necklace. What a cute idea.

Cami said...

So glad you like your necklace! :) - - Cami from Camilee Designs