09 November 2014

Weekend in Photos

Our weekend started on Friday. George took the day off work so that we could have all hands on deck for our big 3-day potty training adventure. We knew that Madeleine was (really, really) ready for this when she started playing potty a few weeks ago.

She did a great job telling us when she needed to go to the toilet (sometimes even when she didn't) and is in underwear full time now. Hopefully the sleep wets will resolve themselves over time.

Grandma and Papa's package with firefighter hats, a new book, and stacking logs arrived at the perfect time! 

Madeleine's not the only one who got to enjoy extra Daddy time!

When the kids were sleeping, I started an overhaul of my craft storage, including uniformly folding all 52 yards of Madeleine's fabric (that big one in the middle is fabric from Hawaii that will be the back of a quilt for her). 

This morning, Elliott and I joined a friend for a cruise around a local quilt show. I soaked up lots of inspiration, including this original design. 

As we try to do most weekends, we took the kids to the pool. Madeleine is a water maniac while Elliott happily floats along. 

After his swim, Elliott was exhausted. He connected with his hand for just long enough to put himself solidly to sleep.

Once we were home and he was fed, Elliott allowed me to capture his beautiful smile. He's very content but rather stingy with his big, toothless grin, so I'm especially happy to have finally captured it. 

We're bracing for a busy week and much colder temperatures. How was your weekend, and what's on your agenda for the week?

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Janie said...

Our weekend was an Elliott weekend...very chill. But soon we will be chilly...we have measurable snow in the forecast from Wed on through the rest of the week. UGH.