02 March 2015

February 2015 Recap

I feel like we fit a lot into February without feeling too stressed, so that's about as good as it gets! Get ready for tons of photos!

These two (plus Bear)!

Elliott spent all too much time at the pediatrician's office in February, but he loves being in a diaper, on the loud paper, with a full width mirror.

Madeleine did Valentine cards this year. I had her do part of each one, and I got a good lesson on toddler attention span.

We've been taking more family walks, and I get treated to this view. Please don't ever grow up, Elliott.

Madeleine adores her doctor's kit and examines anything that will sit still for long enough, including her giraffe.

I loved catching a cuddle with my girl, but she's already giving "too cool" looks. Bummer.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with pizza, and George informed me that this is the obvious choice given its heart-like shape. Uh huh.

We got out and took our first "hike" with Madeleine walking. She did pretty well all things considered.

Someone has noticed that Mummy and Daddy are spending regular time on the rower and wants to do it, too.

This was the month of "that's my job!" We have given Madeleine several "jobs" around the house, including cleaning veggies.

Our magnolia is confused and completely flowered (this was just the start) in February.

With all that spring-like weather, sometimes it's hard to keep our coats on.

Elliott could not get that half of a banana in his mouth soon enough. Banana, zucchini (courgette), and oatmeal are currently his favorite foods. 

I had to capture their coordinating star jammies.

I can't get enough of this sweet boy. Please don't ever grow up, Elliott.

We caught another showing of Tiny Tots at the Seattle Symphony, and both kids loved it. Elliott was a happy squealer for a lot of the show. 

This is the best behavior I have ever seen from her. It was amazing.

When you come home to sun flooding your house, you have to snap some cute kiddo shots.

Somebody figured out the rolling thing and decided to nap on his belly at our friend's house.

And those piggies...

It's hard to eat my breakfast when all I want to do is smile at my sister, who is very excited to feed me.

Let the sock removal game commence.

Madeleine was all about the frosting at our friend's birthday party. 

And I leave you with perhaps the best photo of the month:

Onto March we go...

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Great. Wow. Wonderful. Terrific. Super. Love, love, love the pic's!