30 March 2015

Pinned It & Did It: Easy DIY Duplo Table

Even though there never seem to be enough hours in the day (or night!), I can't help but continue to add projects to my to-do list. 

I thought I'd share a recent (super easy) success. This one was inspired long, long ago by this pin (original source) and turned out to be incredibly easy. How easy?

Lack + Gorilla Glue + Duplo Plate

I simply glued the plate to the top of the table (before attaching the legs) and weighed it down with the world's most expensive paperweights overnight. Be careful to go easy on the Gorilla glue and not get too close to the edges. 

A certain lil' lady has really enjoyed building on her Duplo table, as have her friends who have come over to play while it's been out. 

Have you done any really easy but really rewarding projects recently? 


Kendra G. said...

So fun and so easy!! Thanks for sharing!

Patricia said...

And hopefully all the blocks stay on or around the table - not spread over the whole room.

Janie said...

Table O'Fun!!!!!