02 April 2015

March 2015 Recap

I'll be honest, March can be summed up with two words: too busy. I'm actually pretty surprised that I have so many pictures because I felt like so much of the month was spent with our heads down, going from one thing to the next. 

We started the month with a hike on this beautiful day. 

When things get too busy, this girl's sass kicks it up a notch. 

We checked out the zoo with Misha and Miss E on a sunny Friday. 

This guy soaked up the zoo until just a few minutes before we needed to leave. 

So much fun eating in March.

But it's not so fun getting an allergic reaction. This was just the beginning.

We love our yard and "special park."

There's always a story to be told, a song to sing, or a why question to ask.

It's a privilege to end my days this way.

Both kiddos ended up with ear infections. E showed us by having massively disrupted sleep while M had an afternoon of fever and lethargy. I enjoyed the cuddles while it lasted.

A couple hours and an episode of Daniel Tiger later, and she was doing this. 

This guy has started going after toys and sitting well in the last week or two.

I finally hung up these photos. Recognize that girl on the left?

Looks like Madeleine's and Cooper's little siblings are going to be buddies just like they are.

I leave you with Elliott's version of one of my favorite YouTube videos* of all time:

Hopefully April will leave us a little more time to slow down.

*Sad post script to the video.

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Janie said...

What a great recap and what a special ending. What a special almost-birthday present to Daddy. Dada! How special.