10 April 2015

Friday I'm in Love: Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day a month away, I thought I'd share some loves that would make great gifts for your favorite mother. 

1 - The ladies behind Pretty Prudent (formerly Prudent Baby) have recently released a new book, which I think would be a great coffee table book and inspiration for the mother who enjoys making her home beautiful and cozy.

2 - This (pricey) foot treatment made it on Oprah's Favorite Things list last Christmas, and I can't think of a better way for busy mothers to make their feet soft and beautiful just in time for warmer weather.

3 - Clover clips are such a handy tool for the sewing mother. They're safer than traditional pins, which can easily fall and get lost on the floor until they're found by little fingers and toes, and they can do double duty as kid entertainment once kiddos are old enough to not chew on them.

4 - If there is one thing mothers do a lot, it's wash their hands...and that can easily lead to seriously dry hands. I always grab a tube of this good stuff when I'm at the L'Occitane outlet.

5 - Glassybaby is a feel-good way to help a busy mother unwind after a long day. You can send a special message with their clever names, too.

Another favorite idea is this one: No More Mother's Day Cards. And never underestimate those inexpensive but thoughtful gifts, like getting up with the kids while she gets an extra hour or two of sleep, a heart-felt note of admiration, or a keepsake made by your little one(s).

How are you celebrating the mothers in your life this year?

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Janie said...

What a neat post! Ah, the very thought of May.....