03 April 2015

Friday I'm in Love

I hope this finds you having a great week! I have a few things I'm loving today.

ONE: Modern Twist Placemats

This alphabet one was given to us as a baby gift when Madeleine was born, and we have gotten so much use out of it. The silicone is easy to wash, gives some traction to her dishes, and still looks as brand new as the day it arrived. This particular mat has been good for animal identification and now letter identification. I recently ordered some more mature mats for the kitchen table, and they are proving to be pretty terrific, too.

TWO: Summer Wedges

I'm a huge fan of wedges and have been on a mission to find something stylish and comfortable for the next several months. I tried on these ones on a whim, and I love them.

THREE: Misha's Upholstered Chair

Yesterday, Misha shared this amazing DIY upholstery job that she just finished. If you're thinking about taking on a project like this, check out her detailed info. Even if you're not, check it out for some serious inspiration. Wow!

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awiselee said...

I'm joining in on your Friday I'm in Love! I'm a novice blogger and it was so much fun to find stuff this week that I loved and wanted to share. Looking forward reading more!

aaron and misha said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! You are very sweet. Also, love those placemats!

Janie said...

I never tire of shoes. Wonder where you got that ....ummm....habit? And that chair, Misha. Jeez oh jezz...it is beautiful. Where do you gals get the time and oomph? Way to go.