06 May 2015

April 2015 Recap

The beginning of April seems a long time ago. We started the month with George out of the country on business travel while I held down the fort with the kids, and we ended it with a terrific family vacation to Maui. We're all running about three hours behind on aloha time, but it's time to look back at April!

We've started regular hiking outings with some friends with kids Madeleine's age. 

I get to carry this handsome lad.

Miss M painted Daddy a birthday present for his return. 

And Elliott learned to clap.

One of Madeleine's favorite ways to help around the house is by bringing in the garbage bin.

She loves fire trucks but was rather timid when we went to an open house and she got to climb up in one of them. 

We got a brief but wonderful visit from these happy dudes.

Elliott spent several afternoons at the allergist.

After an impromptu playdate with our friends, Miss M had a hard time saying goodbye.

Despite appearances, Elliott was very excited to be introduced to Madeleine's outside trucks.

We spent a lot of time playing on our swings. 

Madeleine loves to sit her friends up for some circle time reading.

Elliott loves the grass and cheering on his mama's workout.

Miss Brave figured out that she can go down the slide face-first. I am less than excited by this discovery.

I'll be back soon with a recap or three of our trip to Maui. Stop back soon!


Janie said...

How fun to read. I know it takes tons of time but I read these over and over and ..... Great pic's! Great times!

Patricia said...

yes, likewise