29 May 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Helloooooooo, Friday. This is a big week for me because I had my last day of work. I'm trying to live my priorities and convictions, and that means guarding my time for what is really important to me. After noticing that my 60-mile round trip commute was taking close to three hours most days, I had to make a change. I don't know what is next on the professional front, but I do know that I'm looking forward to spending the summer with my little babes, who are less little with each passing day, and spending less time in my car.

Completely unrelated, here's what I'm loving (besides this glorious sunny weather) today.

ONE: Yumbox Bento Box

A friend gifted a Yumbox to Madeleine a year or two ago, and it is a big hit with all of us. I'd say that I use it to pack her lunches about a quarter of the time, and she considers it a real treat. Meanwhile, I love that it makes lunch packing easy and generally pretty healthy. And, despite all that use, it's still in perfect condition.

TWO: Modern Twist Bib

I've previously mentioned that we love their placemats, and I had my eye on their bib. When we were in Hawaii, I stopped a family who had one on their child and asked for their review...and then promptly ordered one. I love our Modern Twist bib! We took it on our trip last weekend to Dallas, and it was so nice to be able to easily wash the bib after each meal and fold it up for meals on the go.

THREE: iHeart Organizing's Quick Tip Tuesday

One of my favorite organizational blogs is iHeart Organizing. So many of the projects featured seem daunting, but her Quick Tip Tuesday projects tend to be so easy to implement. I'm particularly a fan of this packing method, which worked wonders for keeping the kids' clothes separate on our trips to Maui and Dallas.

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denayeb said...

Loved that bib, we will be investing in one for #2.

I like that organization link too! We have a similar system. I noticed that she packed her "Tieks". You should check them out, I have a feeling they will make your "Friday I'm in Love" list! I got a pair for Christmas, they are amazing.

Kendra G. said...

Ok... We need these lunchboxes. We pack lunches every day... how did I not know about these?! Thanks!!