19 June 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Friday already?! This month is flying! Nonetheless, I want to stop by with a few things that have caught my eyes over the last week or so.

ONE: Golden Honeydew

Our family has grown rather fond of this subtle, soft, delicious melon. In fact, Madeleine and Elliott literally fight over who is going to get the last of it when supplies run low. With Elliott working on six teeth, he wins. Cold melon is a lifesaver for a teething baby!

TWO: Nate Berkus Office Supplies at Target

Have you guys seen the Nate Berkus line of office supplies? I spotted it this week and could not help but stop and lust after several items, including these folders and this stapler. So fun!

THREE: Denaye's Take on Motherhood

My friend, Denaye, wrote another outstanding post for Dallas Moms Blog. She eloquently summarized many of my own motherhood aspirations.

FOUR: Personal Shopping

The intersection between working toward my fitness goals and rethinking my wardrobe is the need for some new clothes. I decided to take Nordstrom's personal shopping for a spin. It's a free service with no obligation to purchase, but my successful experience resulted in the backbones for a small but extremely functional wardrobe. I'm thrilled about getting clothes that fit me well and are a little outside of my normal comfort zone. What's even better is that I spent less than two hours of my time and didn't have to visit the post office for a single return shipment. I'm convinced that this is way more efficient than online shopping and not necessarily much more expensive (quality versus quantity). Give it a try!

Check out what the other gals (MishaKendraMary BethLauraAileen, and Jessica) are loving today and then tell me what you're loving! Happy Friday!


Janie said...

Another post-for-thought. And the article by Denaye,my dear Denaye....motherhood IS the most precious gift we can both give and receive. It is the most underrated, misunderstood joy in life. It is also the most rewarding, most fulfilling way to spend our life. It is the best title to have after our name on the name placard pinned to our chest or sitting on our desk-of-life. Forget Masters of ?? or PhD...I always just wanted MOM. In my office at work I have posters about the importance of home. One has a picture of the world/cites/a school and then a picture of a house...it says what happens here (the world) starts here (the house). May all of you young mom's find the sheer joy of being a mom...the most precious way to spend a life. Time spent with children is never time wasted.

aaron and misha said...

Love the idea of personal shopping and am excited to see what you bought! I am so excited to revamp my wardrobe once I wean Eloise. I just want a simple closet full of high quality basics!

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