10 June 2015

Visit to Dallas

A few weeks ago, we all headed to Dallas to visit with Denaye, David, and Nico (and Lucy). I've visited a couple of times, and I was really excited to take George this time and to introduce Elliott to our dear friends. 

I had two requests: lots of time hanging out and good food. We ate very well. When we were at their house, the kids all loved using the Montessori table and chairs. 

Hanging out in the yard, we were excited to see Nicolas get acquainted with his new bike and see how much he has grown up since he visited us the week before Elliott was born.

Madeleine was more than happy to borrow his bike and hat.  

Meanwhile, Elliott enjoyed the swing. 

And I had to capture his photo on the same blanket, in the same yard, at roughly the same age as his sister first crawled. Elliott crawled off the blanket in about 30 seconds, though.

The guys (sans Nico) did some bonding over the grill.

While the kids were napping or after they went to bed, the grown ups enjoyed chatting over games of Settlers of Catan

The BBQ place where we had our final meal together gave us the perfect backdrop for a photo of these ol' high school (junior high?) friends and off-spring. Nearly twenty years since its inception, I'm grateful for our friendship.

We were so glad to get lots of time to catch up with our friends (young and less young) and enjoy the local cuisine. Success.

What do you like to do when you visit friends in a new town?

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Janie said...

I have "old friends" as well and they are like no other...thank you Rita, Shirley, EY, Susan, Cheryl. Yep, like no other.