22 June 2015

Visit to Ohio

It's hard for me to believe that it has already been more than two weeks since we traveled to Ohio to visit my family. This was our final family trip of the spring/early summer, and Elliott started teething just before the trip started. Our recovery has been a bit slow and very light on sleep, but getting to make memories with family is always worth it. 

Speaking of memories, let's have a quick look back at some of my favorite shots from the trip: 

Madeleine loved playing with the vintage 1980s toys from my childhood.

Elliott helped himself, too.

Grandma and Papa gave Madeleine her birthday presents, which she loved using all at the same time.

Elliott enjoyed the swing Papa installed for him. 

The kids enjoyed the wagon that was mine as a child.

Madeleine loved following Grandma to the clothes line each morning to "help."

She was very excited about their little cart...

...until Grandma started it, and Madeleine decided that it was too loud.

In her rain boots, Madeleine acted like she owned the woods. She loved going for walks, spotting the creatures Papa has put throughout, and splashing in all the puddles. 

One morning, I took Madeleine to the playground - indeed the very equipment - where I played when I was her age.

Each night, Madeleine curled up on Grandma's lap for stories. It's unclear who enjoyed it more.

When we got together with extended family, Madeleine's cousin drove her around in his little jeep.

And he nearly flipped himself off the slide.

On the way home, Bear was granted Junior Officer status by the TSA. 

It was a really fun visit, and we're super excited to welcome some of our family to our home later this summer! 


Janie said...

I. Miss. Everyone.

smg said...

So glad you had fun in Ohio. Sad I missed you, hopefully next time we can visit and/or we finally make it out your way!

Patricia said...

Well, what a great collection of interesting photos - I particularly liked Elliott disappearing into the bucket and Madeleine's expression when the cart started up! Lovely to see the summer weather with us freezing cold.