04 March 2012

Recent Finds

I've run across two gems this week, and I just must share.

First is an organic clothing company based out of Kirkland: Kate Quinn Organics.* I picked up a few pieces (including the cutest baby yoga pants) at a local consignment store, did some poking around the internet, and fell in love. The organic cotton used in most pieces is incredibly soft and seems like it's going to wash very well. When I ordered a few more pieces from the website, they were delivered within two days. I love the fabric, the local aspect of the business (though I wish the clothes were made locally as well), the designs, the (sale) prices, the lack of logos, and the fact that many pieces are gender neutral and not stereotypical "girl" or "boy."

Just yesterday, I ran across a pin for this supply company: Shop Sweet Lulu.* The party supplies are incredibly sassy and classy at the same time. I think a lot of them could be repurposed, too. For example, wouldn't it be fun to line up a bunch of these stripey straws and frame them? It'd only cost $4 for the straws, some hot glue, and the cost of a basic picture frame. Their range goes well beyond party supplies, including some pretty sweet packaging supplies. Who wouldn't want to get a gift finished with this twine? Although I haven't yet ordered from Shop Sweet Lulu, I'll likely be placing an order in the near future.

What companies and shops are you discovering? Any you want to share?

*Bytheway, neither of these companies has in any way compensated me for this little plug. I just think they're pretty terrific.  

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