04 March 2012

Weekend in Photos

Hello from Sunday evening. After inexplicably waking up early and going through the day without caffeine or a nap, I'm definitely ready for an early night. Nonetheless, it's been a good weekend.

This is when I realized that I'd made a mistake on the meringue. Fortunately, my banana cream pie was still edible. 

Our entryway got a makeover. By makeover, I mean that George stripped up the sticker-like flooring and trim in preparation for new tile, trim, and closet doors.

We've spent a lot of time at Go To Your Room over the past few months. Today, we ordered the last of the major nursery items: a big, comfortable chair for rocking our sweet baby girl. Now let's hope that our chair and previously ordered crib and dresser/changing table arrive before our daughter. 

We did not manage to get our lawn cut.

I have so many happy plans for my new fabric.

We checked out a new (to us) local consignment shop, where we found the exact bathtub bucket we wanted, a lightweight swaddle, four onesies, four pairs of pants, a swim coverup, a dress, a wool jumper, a sweater, and a fleece vest...all for the bathtub's list price. 

As I put the finishing touches on our babymoon reservations, my bump refused to get out of the way.

This is my daily regimen; however, with my (drooping) energy level and restless legs, I have a feeling that iron supplements will soon be joining the party.  

This is all that remains of the Oreo cheesecake I made on Friday. Happy 100th birthday, Oreo!

Thanks for another amazing recipe, Pinterest. This one is creamy arugula pesto mac and cheese. Yum. 
How did you spend your weekend?

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Janie said...

Ahhhhhh. Ymmmmm. Ooooooo.... Your site makes mine look pale but I did put in time with your Grandma/pa and Grandma would be so proud to see your fabric and your cooking. The torch is passed!