27 March 2012


Between doctors appointments today, Misha and I had a little crafternoon.*

We wanted to take on a project that could be completed within the afternoon and required only materials that could easily be carried to Misha's abode. Where did we seek inspiration? Blogs and Pinterest, of course. We ended up deciding on this lovely cushion tutorial.

When I looked for fabric, I discovered that I've hoarded quite a bit of home decor fabric (which will need to be seriously thinned as part of the craft room downsize), including the scraps from our kitchen curtains. This worked out well as my cushion used about 3/4 of the curtain scraps. What do you think?

Good company. Good project. Good final product. Good day.

*A term Misha created to describe our afternoon of crafting


Janie said...

I love it! You are getting so talented with your machine. Grandma McCamon will be so proud!

aaron and misha said...

Yay! I am still hunting for a place for my cushion to live but I like yours next to the matching curtains.