01 April 2012

Weekend in Photos

This was a very good weekend, even if George was out of town and it rained the majority of the time.

First, I am incredibly blessed by my local friends. I hosted some fab ladies on Saturday during the day, and I was invited to dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Second, there were some baby developments over the weekend as our baby's movements are feeling much more alien-like, and I even felt one of her bones pass under my hand on Saturday night. Even more exciting, our (famous) friends, Julia and Adam, welcomed their sweet baby girl, Ella, this morning!

Without further ado, some photos from yesterday and today:

ROYGBIV. Thanks, Pinterest.

Good chewy gingerbread cookies. Amazing lemon cookies. Thanks, Pinterest.

New green growth on the lilac

Brian's delicious (from scratch!) Chicago-style pizza

Mowing with the baby bump

Yes, part of our lawn is 95% moss and 5% grass. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.
Our renovations are scheduled to be completed this week. I'm going to overcome my fear of painting 6-panel doors, (hopefully) finish a big craft project, and start my quilting class before welcoming George home. What's on your agenda for the week?

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