08 April 2012

Weekend in Photos

I'll let the photos tell the story:

The time on Saturday morning when I gave into pregnancy insomnia and pokes from within and started my day

Sunshine on my wet paint - more details coming soon.

Making my third ever pavlova

Waiting for George at Seatac 

Fresh pedicure

I see you, Mount Rainier.

His and her poutine

George's belated birthday pavlova

The first load is in the books - more details coming soon.

Organized and labeled the pantry - no nesting going on here. 

New towel bar - more details coming soon.

The new bathroom mirror is ready to be installed. (28.5 weeks - compare with 18.5 weeks)

We have a busy and exciting week ahead. Stay tuned for renovation details and photos because we'll be DONE as soon as we add a few finishing touches this week. 

1 comment:

Janie said...

Yeah. I know this is an effort on your part to keep up the blog but I thoroughly love it. Glad to see the progress! Way to go!!