15 April 2012

Weekend in Photos

It has been a wonderful weekend, despite George leaving today for another work trip. Denaye is visiting from Chicago; yesterday, I was treated to an amazing baby shower (an entire post in its own right) and gained a brand new cousin (welcome, Trevor!). Did I mention that it was a spectacular weather weekend in western Washington? 

Without further ado, the weekend Sunday in photos:  

I love an excuse to go to the market

Mmmm...Steelhead Diner.

It's tulip season...

...and the end of daffodil season.

Denaye approves of Fran's sea salt caramel.

Mmm...ginger dipped in dark chocolate.

The Gauguin exhibit at the SAM includes a room of art borrowed from New Zealand. 

The mix of ginger ale (from my first trimester) and lavender simple syrup (from the shower) makes for a delicious drink to be enjoyed with a straw from the shower. 

A visit to the market means fresh crab for dinner. As a side, Denaye and I both tried sunchoke for the first time. 

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