22 April 2012

(Extended) Weekend in Photos

George and I spent the last few days in the Silicon Valley. Rather than do a post about the trip separate from the weekend in photos, I've decided to combine the two. As you might expect, it's a rather food-heavy post. :-)

We scored some unseasonably warm and ordinarily sunny weather in California, and it seems that it was a pleasant weekend in western Washington as well. We ate good food and caught up with even better friends. Overall, it was a great (and slightly exhausting) weekend!

A girlfriend and I took a cooking class on classic French desserts while our husbands earned a different type of dough. Above: ice cream puffs with homemade chocolate sauce, frangipane tart, and chocolate souffle. 

We found delicious and (super) spicy Thai food, including pad thai, at Bai Tong

22 weeks with twins; 30.5 weeks with singleton

Holy amazing food, Batman. If you find yourself in San Jose, stop by La Villa for a meaty deli sandwich, melt-in-your-mouth meatballs, or take out Italian. You won't be disappointed. 

Sally's homemade watermelon and lemon sorbet hit the spot on a 90-degree day.

Would a trip to California be complete without In-N-Out? Absolutely not. 

Colorful birds of paradise remind me of when I lived in California. 

So many beautiful blooming flowers...

We finally went to see The Hunger Games.
It was a fun date night until we witnessed a semi-serious collision on the way back to the hotel. (We were not involved or harmed in the accident.)

30.5 weeks

"Cultural" experience: first ever bubble tea.  

We came home to pretty tulips.

And our ferns have been busy preparing the next generation.

And our trees have piled their pollen on George's car. 

George graciously modeled his birthday present from his brother.  Hahahahahaha!

How was your weekend?

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Janie said...

Love all the pictures! What fabulous food, beautiful pic's of the mothers-to-be and spectacular flowers! Nice to hear of your great weather as we have AN APRIL WINTER STORM WARNING WITH 10 INCHES OF SNOW PREDICTED!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT come back to Ohio!!!!