19 March 2012

Weekend in Photos

This was an a-typical weekend in our house as George was working most of the weekend, and I felt under the weather. Nonetheless, here it is:

These never left my side, though I felt better on Sunday than Saturday. 

Preview of the entryway and laundry room floors...

Preview of the (ungrouted) shower surround...

Preview of the bathroom floor...

I sewed a fitted sheet for baby's crib thanks to this tutorial. Yes, our daughter will sleep on a bed of sharks, rays, and cleaner fish.

George made delicious lamb burgers. YUM!

George saved us from missing Girl Scout cookie season.  It's a good thing these goodies only come around once a year. 

Esquire's Most Life-Changing Burger Joint

Remember this fabric? And this tutorial? And, yes, that is my first ever quilting.

I hope the new owners of these burp clothes and the bibs above enjoy them.

I have just a few packages to take to the post office. Destinations: New Zealand, Tonga, Maryland, and Ohio. 
Happy Monday! Have a good week!

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