02 July 2012

Weekend in Photos

I've uncovered the secret to getting the most of the weekend: have a baby! I recall the clock saying 1:30am at the start of Saturday, and last night I watched the time tick over from 11:59pm to 12:00am...all the while only sleeping about six or eight hours in between. I haven't had that much weekend...mmm...ever.

Anyway, photos...

Madeleine and her GPO

Daddy and Daughter Time

First cloth diaper (we love them!) and the onesie top from her mother's birth

Despite taking at least half the care of our daughter, George still manages to make gourmet meals from fresh ingredients. 

Our friends, Sam and Brian, brought us sushi from our favorite local sushi joint.  Mmm, sushi, how I've missed you!

Madeleine received her first piece of mail. Thanks, Aunt Denaye and Uncle David!

Daddy's Sous Chef

Excuse me. I'm just plotting to take over the world.

Theresa brought us lactation-promoting cookies. They are seriously tasty. 

Madeleine's Milk Mustache

You didn't expect this to be about anything but Madeleine, did you?  :-)

This weekend was overwhelming. Even more overwhelming than the responsibility of caring for our brand new baby is the overwhelming love and support I've felt from my (rockstar, super amazing, awesome, wonderful, beyond-even-the-most-complimentary-adjective) husband and from our friends and family across the globe.

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