08 July 2012

Weekend in Photos

Grandma Janie and warm, sunny weather came to western Washington on Friday. We managed to get out for a birthday party and a Sunday drive. What a good weekend!

This mama is obsessed with this Kate Quinn gown on her adorable baby.

Madeleine's hands and nails are already growing. Slow down!

Sleep is easy in Grandma's arms...

...and in Daddy's arms.

Madeleine was an angel for two hours of newborn photos. 

"Please, Ma, no more photos."

And she slept well after her portraits. 

Every good nap ends in a good stretch. 

George gave Madeleine her first (pumped breastmilk) bottle. Success.

Party dress. Check. Next stop: birthday party.

Sunday afternoon nap...

For not doing anything to our hydrangeas, I'm glad to see they're blooming.

And there's even more than one! 

How did you spend your weekend?

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