22 July 2012

Weekend in Photos

We had a good weekend at our house, though some of the best parts were not captured on film phone. Madeleine met several of our friends, some local and some in New Zealand (via Google+ hangout), and reached a few milestones. Namely, she went six hours between feedings, giving this tired Mama four uninterrupted hours of sleep: the longest consecutive sleep I've gotten since the night of June 25th/26th. While I have no expectations that this will become the norm, I remain hopeful.

Without further ado, some photos from the weekend:

Little eyes

Our dahlia the size of Madeleine's head...if not bigger...impressing me with what I can grow by doing absolutely no cultivating at all.

Madeleine is considering burning her Chinese-made Ralph Lauren onesie in solidarity with the U.S. Olympic team.

More GPO cuddles - compare with 20 days ago.

We've been temporarily using disposable diapers (love these ones), and Madeleine made the jump from newborn size to size 1 this weekend.

The final wearing of the Kate Quinn yoga pants didn't make Madeleine as sad as it did me.

We all love the beautiful merino onesie that arrived from Uncle Heath on Friday - perfectly timed for this cool summer day.

How was your weekend?


Janie said...

Look at those bright, bright eyes! And the smile is one the way...how precious.

aaron and misha said...

Oh my goodness, she is already too big for those yoga pants? I think she will need a pair in every size!

Patricia said...

I've just found out about the comment on the US Olympic Team uniforms - shame on whoever approved that purchase.

Unknown said...

I hope she enjoys her Merino. They had sold out of the deep red ones :( But I like the stripes.