15 July 2012

Weekend in Photos

Hello, weekend.

Our first walk in the Ergo was a huge success.

It's not always happy faces and giggles around here.

Dad, do not go anywhere.

Baby cowlick.

Milk coma (and mom/baby matching colors).

Sunday afternoon/evening snooze.

We had a low-key but enjoyable weekend and look forward to this week's challenges as the man of the house heads back to work. What's on your agenda for the week?


Janie said...

Melt my heart, Madeleine...

Julia and Adam said...

Any weekend is a good weekend with that little love! So glad the walk with the carrier was enjoyable - I'm sure you'll be using it all the time during your many adventures.

Good luck this week! You and Madeleine will do great. If you are up for chatting I would love to keep catching up! It was a dream talking to you last week <3.

xoxoxoxox, Julia