22 August 2012

Madeleine - Week 8

This week's photo features a naked baby sporting only a cloth diaper. We've gone back to cloth diapers because Madeleine is now big enough to wear them without them dominating her little frame and because our friend, Sarah, inspired me to give them a second go when we visited her (and Rob and sweet little Alexandra) in Ohio last week. This little number is a Thirsties Duo All-in-One. I ordered it on Saturday from Diaper Junction, who impressed the heck out of me by delivering it on Monday with free shipping. While we're also using the covers and prefolds we'd previously purchased, the all-in-ones are so much easier to use. I digress.

Madeleine is in the middle of a developmental leap, which means that no one in our house is getting much sleep at the moment. Thankfully, this is the beautiful smile that greeted me at 1am, 3am, and 5am last night.


smacris said...

Hooray!! I'm glad you're excited again!! Did you wash them a few times before use? I forgot to do that and I had a leak tonight. :)

ALKS said...

The tag said to wash 1-3 times, so I only prewashed them once and am changing her pretty promptly for the first while. I like them so much that I'm considering ordering more - they're SO easy!