26 August 2012

Weekend in Photos

I'm happy to report that we had a great sleeping weekend. When the baby is sleeping, everything else goes sooo much smoother. Here's a glimpse at what we did:

Saturday morning tummy time. We're so proud of Madeleine's strong neck and rolling from tummy to back at 8 weeks old! And, yes, I do feel like the crazy parents you saw cheering for their kids at the Olympics.

Scene of our first post-Madeleine date. The rabbit was one of my best lifetime meals...and not just because I was enjoying two glasses of wine for the first time in 11 months.

It's a good thing she's adorable when I have to fight to keep her awake during nighttime feedings.

Madeleine's eyelashes just keep growing! I'm so glad she has not inherited my short ones. 

Our baby is a dragon!

Birth announcements (finally) ready to go in the mail!

For the last 5 years, we've fought to keep fruitless blackberry out of our backyard. When we worked in the yard today, we discovered that these same bushes on the edge of our property have finally produced a few berries. Yum!

It's going to be a big week at our house. Stay tuned for details. How was your weekend? What's on your plate for the week ahead?


Janie said...

Oh, the eyes. She is so beautiful...

denayeb said...

So excited to see the birth announcements!