22 October 2014

Elliott - Two Months Old

Elliott continues to be an incredibly chill baby. He is settling into a schedule beautifully, yet seems to be able to adapt and be patient (mostly) when things are a little off our typical routine. He's pretty quiet, but we are getting a little more feedback from him - unsurprisingly - when his sister isn't around. He loves Madeleine, though, and smiles from ear to ear basically every time he hears her voice...to which she shrieks, "Elliott, you smile at me!" We're all enjoying playing little games with Elliott. He's catching onto the tongue game (sticking tongues out at each other), and I think I even got a little giggle out of him the other day when I pretended to munch on his adorable little hand.

Probably the thing I most notice about Elliott is his size. He's currently wearing clothes that Madeleine wore at five to six months, and he's pretty close to her four month stats. His strength is pretty close to her four month strength as well, and we're already thinking that the Bumbo will be coming out soon. It's not terribly surprising that he's growing like crazy given his appetite. He nurses for roughly a half hour every 2.5 to 3 hours; occasionally, he has a day where he wants to eat every two hours. If he's being fussy for George and I ask if Elliott seems hungry, George will typically respond, "he's always hungry." That about sums it up.

Elliott now sleeps in his crib full time after starting out with more sleep in his Rock-N-Play than crib. I hesitate to comment on sleep for fear of ruining what we have going for us, but here goes: he typically takes about four approximately one-hour naps during the day, a longer nap in the evening, and then sleeps from about 10:30pm to somewhere between 4am and 5am and then again until 8am. I'm sure I'll love getting to sleep a full night through again, but I am certainly not complaining about just one nightly feeding right now. He still sleeps primarily in his Swaddle Up; I want to transition him into a more traditional sleep sack with free arms before he gets too attached to the swaddle, but I'm waiting until he figures out how to more consistently connect with his hands and use them to soothe himself. He takes a pacifier, which is extremely helpful when he is fussy in public or having a hard time settling down for a nap, but he doesn't seem reliant on it and rarely uses it at night.

It's a little hard to believe Elliott is only two months old because it really does feel like he has been a part of our family for much longer. On the other hand, I can't believe my baby isn't a newborn anymore.

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Janie said...

Wow, he fits more into that tie by the week! He is getting so long! And what a gal-charmer smile!