30 October 2014

San Jose, California

We visited the San Jose area last week. Our flight down was full of firsts: first flight as a family of four, Elliott's first flight ever, Madeleine's first flight in her own seat, and Madeleine's first time being responsible for carrying her own little backpack. We had lots of success and a smooth adventure. We seem to have mastered our routines for the tough parts - unloading the car, checking the bags, getting through security, boarding, and deplaning - so that really cuts down on the overall stress.

In Silicon Valley, we rented a condo, and it made a huge difference. We had plenty of space and didn't have to worry about noise during naps or eating out with grumpy kids. Madeleine did great adapting to a different big girl bed than her own. Because we had an actual place rather than just a hotel room, we were able to entertain some friends, which meant more time visiting and less time trying to entertain a fidgeting toddler at a restaurant table. The location was in the heart of a downtown area, which had perks like walking to sushi and story hour at the local library.

This was primarily a business trip for George, so the kids and I kept ourselves busy during business hours. One morning, I took the kids to downtown San Jose to explore the Children's Discovery Museum, and it was a big hit. Actually, it probably would have been a big hit even if we didn't go inside because it has a giant inflated rubber ducky on the roof, train tracks beside it, and the SJC approach path right above. What more could a transportation-obsessed toddler want?

We did go inside, though, and Madeleine spent about a third of our time there playing on and around an old fire truck. This was rather convenient given that Elliott decided he needed to eat as soon as we got there.

This is serious business.

Even so, Madeleine decided that her favorite part of the museum was the bubble exhibit. Who wouldn't love playing in tables full of bubble solution and a machine constantly dropping huge bubbles from the floor above?

Of course, my favorite part about visiting Silicon Valley is eating at La Villa catching up with our friends in the area. In addition to a fun and delicious but unphotographed Sunday brunch with Mike and Tracy, we had several play dates with the Midglets and some time to hang out with their parents.

Of course Madeleine's favorite part of the art class was reading books.

I can't help but think back to when the toddlers were closer to Elliott's age.

At two months old, Elliott was mostly just along for the ride but seemed to enjoy the new scenery. We're lucky to have such a happy baby and (by all appearances so far) another good traveler.

After so much fun with our friends and exploring some new places in the sunny 70-degree weather, it was a bit tough to return to rainy, 50-degree Seattle...but there is no place like home! 

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Janie said...

Welcome to the travel world, Elliott. Flight one down, ?????????? to go! What great photos of such a great time with such a great family!