25 January 2012

Anatomy Revealed!

A glimpse into my past:

Approximately five-year old Amanda with "Joanna," who went everywhere with her

We were originally scheduled for the anatomy ultrasound next Monday.  However, we learned this week that my stepdad, David, will be having heart surgery next week, and I'll be going to Ohio for it.  So, in this bittersweet turn of events, the ultrasound was rescheduled for this morning.

Without any hesitation, the ultrasound technician showed us baby's lower parts and announced that we are expecting a baby GIRL.  I truly did not have a preference about the gender of this baby, though I have always said that I hope I eventually get to have a baby girl.  I know that George is going to be an amazing parent and role model for our daughter.

Perhaps this is a glimpse into our future:

Another baby revealed its gender recently: baby otter. Isn't she cute?


Janie said...

Wow, a glimpse back in time!

aaron and misha said...

first of all, i adore this photo of you! second, thanks for sharing this adorable video! i had to repost it to emerald city diaries!

ALKS said...

So glad you enjoyed them! I think I could watch the video 3984 times and not tire of it!

Janie said...

Comment number two...I have that little rocker saved and ready for her! Funny that you posted this picture with that rocker. It still plays music when it is rocked...as you used to do by the hour with your little Joanna and MANY other dolls! Awesome. Simply awesome.