17 January 2012

Gender Guesses

We now have less than two weeks until the ultrasound in which our baby will go from being "it" to "he" or "she" (unless it has already been learning tricks from Julia and Adam's baby). :-)

Although seeing the goods is pretty much the only way to know the gender for sure, there are plenty of old wives' tales claiming to predict the gender. Here's how they've come out for us:

Ring on a String: Boy

Cravings (sweet=girl; sour/savory=boy): Boy

Acne (more=girl; same or none=boy): Girl

Dreams about Baby: Boy

Baby's Heart Rate (140+=girl; less than 140=boy): Girl 

Chinese Lunar Calendar: Girl

Carrying Position (high=girl; low=boy): Boy

George and I both think the baby is a girl, but we have zero scientific basis for our guesses. My doctor suggested drinking some caffeine or eating about an hour before the ultrasound for our best chance at an active baby during the ultrasound. I really want to find out, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if we had to wait until June...or would it? So, what's your prediction for the flavor of our baby?


aaron and misha said...

i think it is a BOY! but, like you and george, i have absolutely no basis for it.

Janie said...

I have friend that does predictions based on several things...and she said she has never been wrong....and her prediction is boy. We'll see.....

denayeb said...

I hope it's a boy, that darling little bearded hat I am buying him will look funny on a girl.