19 January 2012

Snow + Ice

We still have our snow and woke up to an ice warning due to ice and freezing rain that blanketed the area overnight. Roads are hazardous, and a lot of people are dealing with power outages as a result of trees falling under the weight of the snow and ice. Needless to say, George and I are still hunkered down at home, very thankful for our electricity and heat. While we're suffering a bit of cabin fever, we're grateful to be stuck in comfortable conditions.

Looking for a bit of humor in the circumstances, I saw this crawling across the screen on King 5 this morning:

"All flights on Horizon and Alaska Airlines are cancelled until 10am when flights resume, 
the focus will be on flights to Hawaii and Mexico."

Grammar aside, I find humor in the fact that the airlines are trying to get people to tropical destinations ahead of all others. Ha!

On an unrelated topic, this is our 250th blog post!

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Janie said...

Stay in and stay safe. Life will resume shortly!