18 January 2012

Snow and Comfort Food

Over the weekend, local meteorologists started calling for an epic snowstorm set for arrival on Wednesday. They said that we'd get 10-15 inches of snow in a single day, which would be the single largest snowfall in Seattle's history. As expected, the predicted quantity of snow didn't materialize, but we did get about 4-5 inches of snow at our house. Pretty much everything was closed, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day doing absolutely nothing except watching George work, napping, and cooking.

Snow days call for comfort food. I made some whole wheat rhubarb and blueberry muffins (an adaptation of this recipe) and tuna noodle casserole from what we had in the house, pantry, and freezer.

What I'm really craving are Oreos so that I can make these beautiful truffles or perhaps Oreo cheesecake, which I made about five years ago and still remember. I have pinned a few other things that I'm itching to make, including jalapeno popper dip, egg breakfast muffins, and seafood and mushroom pasta. Yes, I think a trip to the supermarket is in our future (tomorrow).  There better be a trip to the gym in my future, too, if I'm going to make all of these goodies.

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