22 January 2012

Big Day

I completely and totally forgot to take photos this weekend, so there will be no "weekend in photos" recap tonight or tomorrow. It was a really fabulous weekend, too. Wa. Wa. I blame the snow week for getting my weekdays and weekend days mixed up.

Nonetheless, today was a big day for us. After starting the day with a tasty breakfast at Lola, we ordered Thumper's crib and dresser, chose the fabric for the nursery chair (though the model is still TBD), completed our first recon mission to Babies R Us (a great place to touch, feel, and try out things that you can buy elsewhere for less money, less hassle, and better karma), and selected a stroller (which we'll eventually buy from either the least expensive or most local/small business source). We also found these totally adorable socks on sale:

George and I have such a good time (nervously) laughing about our ability to be parents and (more confidently) anticipating the great memories we'll make with our child. I hope he/she knows how much he/she is loved and anticipated even though he/she is only the size of a small burrito.


denayeb said...

Those socks would make perfect leg warmers for Lucy! Send pics of the crib please, and did you go with one of the super comfy chairs we tried at Wonder!?

ALKS said...

Yes! You should get some baby tube socks for Lucy! As for the crib, the link should take you to the website with a picture of it. We're not getting the brand we tried at Wonder! but we are going with a similar overstuffed glider/swivel/recliner similar to http://www.besthf.com/best/Furniture/Chairs/Swivel-Glide/HAGEN and http://www.besthf.com/best/Furniture/Recliners/Power-Recliners/TRYP.

denayeb said...

Sorry I didn't see the links. Love the crib!! What color did you go with in the stroller?

Janie said...

I smiled when I read the blog entry....it was a weekend that was weather record-setting and the blog was all about.............Thumper!!!!
I can't wait!!!!!
Thumpers Grandma