03 September 2012

Weekend in Photos

The end of a long holiday weekend is bittersweet. It was so nice to get lots of extra time to be a family of three and soak up some more summer rays, and it'll be tough to go back to the weekday routine tomorrow.

Friday Night's Moon

Seriously, did you see the moon on Friday night?


Madeleine loves to look at her Kiwi alphabet from Granny Pat.

September already?!

I made a serious amount of progress on a (secret) sewing project. 

Cutest clothing tag ever. 

The neighborhood guard cat was out during our walk on Saturday evening.

Mmmm...fresh local bagels and lox-infused spread delivered to our door.

Who doesn't love surprise roses delivered with the groceries? 

Resting (cooling off) at the halfway point on Sunday's walk

Warm (and bright!) Sunday afternoon walk

Yep, we finally took Madeleine's passport picture. Stay tuned for a full post about it later this week.

Another day...another adorable outfit...
Eating and relaxing

Why eat when I can snooze on Mum's shoulder?

Our wee tomato picked up some color this weekend. 

And now Madeleine is not just rolling from tummy to back but also back to side. 

How was your weekend?

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Janie said...

Love that bonnet!
Love those little toes!
Love the latest weekend news,
More than you will ever know!