09 September 2012

Weekend in Photos

This may have been the last weekend of summer in Seattle; we spent most of it being tourists in our own backyard. The forecast is calling for rain tonight, which will break a 40-some day "drought" just a few days before hitting the record for dry spells in Seattle. Temperatures are already in the 60s, and fall is in the air. It's been a beautiful summer, but I am not sad to move on to a crisp, new season.

The things you notice when you (finally) return to the gym post-baby...

George decided that Madeleine needed a little Bob Marley (Don't worry. Be happy.) to calm her down.


Saturday's sky

Beautiful (looking and smelling) Woodinville Lavender

Wine tasting at Airfield Estates

So much good sushi...

Saturday night sewing...a step closer to project completion

Sweet M weighed in at 11 pounds 4 ounces on Sunday morning.

Freezing food pre-baby was a brilliant plan. Today's treat was buffalo chicken meatballs.

My crush at World Market...M might need this for her nursery.

Yes, those are Christmas decorations at Michaels. I'm both excited and sick all at once. 

It should be an interesting week at our house. By next week, perhaps I can finally share some news with you. :-)   Did you get outside this weekend? What's on deck for the week ahead?


Patricia said...

There will be a style of music that puts Madeleine to sleep. Try Ave Verum Corpus.

Patricia said...

You might want a Spanish version.

Janie said...

I love the lavender too...have brought some home. That field is amazing...and the ice cream. YUM! And the best photo of all...our little one on the scale. What eyes.....