16 September 2012

Weekend in Photos

I'm happy to report that Madeleine and I survived the week with George in New York, and Madeleine has even started sleeping through the night most nights. However, we are mighty glad to be together as a family again. More than anything, the weekend was a mix of anticipation for the week ahead and abrupt reminder that good health should never be taken for granted.

Friday afternoon crafting companion

Somebody is glad to have her daddy back home.

Saturday morning crafting

Newest bib creations

Now that I have short hair, I'm visiting this place nearly every month.

A decent sized carpark? I couldn't possibly be in Bellevue!

A new batch of plush diapers are washed and ready for use. We're loving itti bitti d'lish...even if they are Australian. :-)

We broke out the Bumbo for the first time, and this was Madeleine's general reaction. Check out those toes! (Yes, we know about the recall.)

Danger! George brought these chocolate and hazelnut wafers back from New York.  I.Can't.Stop.Eating.Them.

Somebody decided she needed a nap on her Mum rather than in her crib. 

Not even Madeleine wanted to be awake on Sunday morning.

When the craft/guest room is this messy, you know there has been some serious creating happening. Yikes.

Sunday morning at Pike Place Market

Taking flight in her new plush diaper

How was your weekend? What's in store this week? We're hoping that this week will bring us a bit of certainty about the month ahead. I'm also planning at least two crafty blog posts this week, so stay tuned.


Janie said...

Looks like it was a busy weekend. Oh to SEE and to craft......
Love that photo in the little green seat. Her looks say a ton!

Spike said...

Love the mamaroo!

Also - the bibs are fantastic. They are perfect for Tom who is a big spitter. Most bibs don't cover enough area to protect us or him from his messes.