30 September 2012

Weekend in Photos

It was a busy weekend. Are you ready for a lot of photos?

Giggling baby

Waiting to get into a large (disappointing) consignment sale

It seems we bought a house. 

This house - to be exact

Madeleine has graduated from the Ergo infant insert. Tear.

Blue skies

She likes her new digs.

Look at what grows outside our new kitchen window.

The house comes with a few pumpkins. Good timing.

Hot air balloons from our new backyard

Family stroll

Miss M in her new bathtub

New jammies!

"Mum, Daddy dressed me again."

The last pie I'll bake in our first house

"I'm ready to go see our PEPS friends and their parents."

Easy caprese

For some reason seeing these new-to-us toys ready to be added to the collection make me happy. 

We have a busy week ahead - lots of packing and back-and-forth between houses. I hope we get some good sleep tonight because this weekend was exhausting. How was your weekend? What's on the agenda for the week ahead?


Janie said...

What a great hodge-podge of pictures! Both fun and busy!!!

aaron and misha said...

So glad to hear that the house closed - congrats! We are headed out of town, but please, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!