29 April 2013

A Happy Ending

Remember the failed framed house key project? I'm happy to share the happy ending to this story.

A few weekends ago, I had a redo, and I'm satisfied with the result. Specifically, I put my AAA membership to good use and picked up some new maps. I say maps because we moved so little distance that the old and new house maps may overlap. I loved how Misha's painted key turned out, so I decided to apply a few coats of basic black craft paint to my keys. Then I cut my maps, glued the keys, and hung them on the wall.

I intentionally put the keys to the left as the house location is on the right side of the map. And - don't worry - the key for our current house was the key when we moved in, but we have since changed all of the locks.

Have you ever done something crafty to commemorate a move?

1 comment:

Janie said...

This would be a great gift idea in a lot of situations...a wedding gift, a graduation, anything. Beautiful!